Free Main Sewer Camera Inspection, Licensed & Certified Technicians

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Sewer Camera Inspection

No more guessing as to what is inside your sewer pipe. With our powerful video camera we are able to see inside of the pipe whether it’s root intrusion, cracked or collapsed pipe. After careful inspection we provide you with a solution to your sewer problems. Depending on the condition of your sewer pipe, We will recommend a permanent or temporary solution to your problem. If the pipe is broken or collapsed, we will offer you a quote to reline or replace the pipe. Or if the pipe needs a thorough cleaning, we will offer you a powerful hydro jetting flushing. Any of these services can be done with our trenchless equipment and no expensive trench digging, no landscape destruction. No more losing money to expensive contractors. So, why wait? Call Southwood for a free sewer camera inspection now!
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